bent9 hot yoga

We believe goals should be aspirational, not impossible.


At bent9 we believe goals should be aspirational, not impossible.  We also believe yoga shouldn't be intimidating.  That's why we've created an environment that offers everyone, whether beginner or advanced practitioner, something that will fulfill their practice.  Our classes are designed with yoga as the foundation while adding a mix of other exercises to help you reach your body and mind goals.  With our state-of-the-art heating and air exchange system, bent9 always ensures proper air quality, humidity, oxygenation and disinfection.  Whether you like a lot of heat, a little heat, want to relax or get to work, we've made an effort to accommodate every level of practitioner.  We also understand life is dynamic and ever-changing, so we hope to offer new and exciting classes often.  Hope to see you (and your sweat) on the mat soon!

Why "bent9"?

Our studio focuses on yoga as fitness, so emphasis will often be placed on strength & body conditioning.  However, we honor the philosophy of yoga in all of our classes & invite you to make each class a mindful experience, focusing on making the connection between mind & body.  All of our yoga classes introduce 9 segments into each: warm-up, standing poses, balancing poses, Vinyasa flows, two core segments, floor work, inversion & Savasana.  The style of these may change from class to class & instructor to instructor, but a version of these 9 segments will occur in every yoga class.  We strongly believe offering variation in every class makes for a stronger yogi!


Hannah Skiba, RYT-200

Hannah was first introduced to yoga during her studies in holistic health and began attending classes purely for the athletic benefits.  She fell in love with the practice after experiencing the peace, beauty and self awareness that yoga brought into her life.  She decided to continue her yoga journey and become a teacher so she could share the gift with others.  In Hannah's classes she brings a balance of the physical asana practice and the calm meditative state that yoga brings.  She's blessed to be able to share the love and peace of yoga with her students.  Hannah's goal is to help others embrace the same joy and balance that she has found in her own life through the practice of yoga.

Rebecca Gentner, RYT-200

Rebecca began her ongoing practice of yoga in 2002.  She completed her Yoga Teacher Certification with Sondra O'Donnell E-RYT 500 in Ann Arbor, MI.  Rebecca has a bachelor's degree in Environmental Psychology and German from the University of Michigan and especially enjoys incorporating aspects of her degree into her teaching style.  Rebecca loves to cultivate her passion for yoga for others in a clear and tangible way, exploring the mind-body connection and rethinking the concept of 'good health'.  Rebecca's teaching and practice interests include the therapeutic aspects of mental well-being and mindful bodywork.  Her classes include hands-on adjustments, Vinyasa styling, and a spectrum of intensities ranging from calming post-work cool-downs to active cardiovascular flows.

Taylor Jackson, RYT-200

Taylor started practicing yoga in high school as a way to stretch after school sports.  Within months of practicing, it became much more.  Yoga brought self-love & positivity to her life.  She discovered the true meaning of wellness & went down a bright path of spirituality.  Taylor then decided to deepen her practice & complete teacher training in hopes of changing others lives, like yoga did for her.  Her classes are a mix of strength & tranquility, connecting the breath with movement & creating a beautiful moving meditation.

Jessica Whicker, RYT-200

After taking her first vinyasa-style yoga class in 2011, Jess developed a love and passion for yoga that eventually led to a desire to teach.  Jess completed her 200-hour certification through YogaFit and has been actively teaching yoga since early 2016.  She is continuing to work towards her 500-hour certification through YogaFit.  Her teaching experience spans a wide range from an active vinyasa-style for adults of all levels, to seniors chair yoga, prenatal, kids and restorative yoga.  Jess's two favorite things about teaching are 1) ensuring students are aware of the proper and safe physical alignment in poses, and 2) developing fun and unique sequences to great music that leave students leaving class energized and happy!

BrieLynn Sturm, RYT-200

BrieLynn started practicing yoga in 2009 and has been teaching since June 2013.  For BrieLynn, yoga started as a workout; a class to go when her gym was on Christmas break.  She never thought she’d become a “yogi” sharing the gift of yoga and happiness to the world.  However, yoga became much more than just a workout.   Her mat became a place where she could get out of her mind and, for the first time in her life, listen to her body.   BrieLynn regularly thanks her practice for guiding her with calming clarity and acceptance on her mat and in her daily activities.   Through yoga, she has learned she can’t control the situations she’s in, but she can control how she reacts.  BrieLynn has completed the 200hr Power Yoga Training with Amazing Yoga’s Sean and Karen Conley.   In BrieLynn’s classes, you’ll find a fun and powerful yoga flow full of breath, movement, and joy!

Paige Kyle, MPH, RDN

After discovering spinning in high school in 2005, Paige began to fall in love with group exercise as a fun way to stay in shape during the off-season.  Once she moved to Colorado to study Health & Exercise Science, teaching & training in her free time was a natural fit, and so was the community that came with it.  While exploring the mountains on her road bike, Paige began to appreciate the benefits of yoga & lifting on injury prevention & core strength.  She took her fitness experience with her to Ann Arbor & continued to teach classes while receiving her Masters in Public Health, Nutrition at the University of Michigan.  Her fitness certifications include: Barre Intensity, Yoga Fit, VPR, Basic Pilates Mat, & she holds her Personal Training Certificate through ACSM.  Paige is also a Registered Dietician & has a special interest in counseling, sports nutrition & public health.  Paige loves bringing passion & energy to her classes & enjoys helping others find their own reason for coming to their mats every week.