bent9 hot yoga

We believe goals should be aspirational, not impossible.

Why HOT yoga?

There are many benefits to practicing yoga in the heat.  Our Hot Room was designed in an encapsulated environment so that the heat, humidity & air exchange are exclusive to the room itself.  The heat allows your body to "warm up" faster so as to promote flexibility & reduce injury during practice.  You may also experience stress reduction, increased circulatory stimulation, increased immune response & increased strength.  The heat introduces a cardiovascular element ("cardio")  so that maximum calorie burn can take place, stimulating fat receptors & facilitating fat loss.  Plus, you sweat!  And sweating is just good for you.

How to prepare for class...

Hydration is key in preparation for any class at bent9!  Make sure to drink plenty of water at least a few hours before class & bring a water bottle to maintain hydration during class.  Do not eat directly prior to attending class, but don't come on a completely empty stomach.  Eating something light that will keep your energy up during class about 2 hours beforehand is recommended.

Wear something that is lightweight & absorbent in which you can move easily & comfortably in.  Arrive 10-15 minutes early in order to register, put your belongings away & find your spot in the Hot Room.  

Bring your mat, mat towel & water bottle.  We have mats available free of charge to borrow in the Hot Room, but you may prefer to use your own.  Mat towels are available for a $3 rental charge & water bottles are sold for $5.  Complimentary face/hand towels are available for every class.

If you plan on showering after class, please bring your own bath towel.  

Our Facility...

Parking is available on the street & the Arcadia Lot 4 parking garage located next door on Eleanor St.  Please NO PARKING in the spaces in front of the building; these are subject to towing & will be the responsibility of the patron to resolve.

We offer both a men's & women's locker room with showers in each.  Please bring your own bath towel if you plan on showering .  Cubbies & lockers are available in both to safely store your belongings.

Studio Etiquette

Arrive on time.

Check in at the front desk, even if you registered online.

No shoes, belongings, chewing gum or cell phones in the Hot Room.

Try to avoid wearing heavy scents.

Stay in the room if possible.  If you become overheated, try laying on your mat in child's pose or active savasana to bring your heart rate down.  Entering & exiting different temperatures suddenly can interrupt your body & will make it harder to adjust.

Quiet voices please.  Although we encourage smiles & chuckles during practice, this is a time to turn your attention inward so we encourage light voices.

Stay on your mat.  Respect your neighbors & instructor by remaining on your mat during class, unless invited to the wall by your instructor for some deep stretching.

Please return all rental mat towels & hand/face towels to any of the baskets located throughout the studio.